Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Margaret “Tookie” Borel

          In 2011, I wrote about my “Favorite” couple, Adrian and Tookie. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!   Adrian called me last Friday and told me that his “first lady” had become ill about a year ago and never recovered. To make light of my sadness, Adrian told me that he began sorting through Tookie’s things. He said, “Tookie was always cutting out recipes. She acquired quite a collection. But you know she never cooked any of them!”

          Margaret “Tookie” Borel went peacefully home with the Lord on August 14, 2013 at the age of 78 having lived a full and wonderful life.

          In this advanced computer age many of you may not remember, but as a career, Tookie was a phone operator. Remember when you dialed “0” and got, ”Operator, may I help you?!” or “How can I place this call?”
With sadness, I would like to rerun their story.

“A couple days ago, I heard from my “Favorite” couple…….Adrian and Tookie! I may get the ages wrong, so let’s just say that Adrian is in his 80’s and Tookie is in her 70’s. The vitality of these two is amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting both of them at a place called Gators located at Treasure Island, Florida, not too far from Clearwater Beach. Well on Sundays, Gator’s venue is typically a Reggae band. While I was checking out the local musical talent, I spotted this mature couple on the dance floor, gyrating to the Soca and Reggae beats with rhythm and stylish swagger. They even had a couple of line dancing routines that immediately had folks learning the steps and joining in. I starting meeting up with Adrian and Tookie at Gators every Sunday and eventually attending other venues with them. It finally became official; they adopted me as their daughter!

I decided to add this spectacular couple to my blog today because in December they are celebrating their 50th (Semi centennial) wedding anniversary! Adrian wrote me and said, “On December 1st, I will be going to Las Vegas with my “first lady” to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!” He further said (in reference to me), “40 is the old age of youth and the youth of old age”. He said I was at the prime of my life and to try everything. He concluded with, “Let me know when you can ride a camel. I hope you don’t get arrested for doing something illegal. It is illegal for a woman to drive a car in Saudi Arabia so don’t try to beat the law by riding a camel. I guess you will have to get a friend to give you camel driving lesson!”

Considered the “golden” anniversary, spending half a century in love with the special someone is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life. Having recited their marriage vows in 1961 (I wasn’t a thought yet!), Adrian and Tookie are role models for whomever believe in LOVE. I am emotional writing this piece, but I celebrate your bond and dedication to one another……”

I will miss you, Tookie,

Your adopted daughter,


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