Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Jarir Bookstore, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

      Today, I wanted to purchase a mobile Wi-Fi so no matter where I travelled around the Kingdom, I would have connectivity to my laptop or iPad. I never claimed to be totally literate on electronic devices and after I asked my friends several questions regarding this electronic device, I was mentally equipped and ready to articulate to the customer services representative in Jarir Bookstore my electronic needs.

     The Jarir Bookstore is a popular Saudi Arabian electronic store chain in the Middle East. The driver took me to the one located on Olaya Street in downtown Riyadh. Upon entering the front door, I was immediately reminded of the electronic store chain called Best Buy in the U.S. minus the home appliances. After a small exchange on mobile Wi-Fi types, I settled on a Huawei E586 (which is smaller than my Blackberry) which would enable me to connect my tablet, Blackberry and iPad to Wi-Fi even in the U.S. and could support up to five devices at the same time. This device is outfitted with a port for a SIM card so I can use it even in the U.S. The price for this mobile Wi-Fi was SR 599.00 ($159.75)! Not a bad price for the freedom and autonomy to Skype, access email or Facebook anywhere away from home-base. I don’t understand all technology, but I am making the translation slowly but surely. Yet another great find in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia.

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