Saturday, January 31, 2015

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia……

I have been contacted through my blog by teachers for middle and high school as well as university level who have had some apprehension and concerns regarding their transition from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia. Once here, they encountered obstacles with obtaining a visa, igama or just trying to get their family member to accompany them on their assignments. I typically direct them to the U.S. Embassy website or tell them to research the internet and see what other bloggers may have experienced and to see if they may be able to offer some advice.

Thanks to my friend Ethel, a university teacher here in Riyadh, who passed on to me an interesting yet informative article which makes for some important reading.  This document may assist those that want to potentially pursue a teaching career in Saudi Arabia and may eliminate some of the frustration while transitioning to another country’s way of doing business. 

            As always, do your homework before venturing off to another country. There is more in store than just learning about their culture!  

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Palmeras Mediterranean Restaurant, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I have frequented several of the fine dining restaurants in Riyadh but the one the stands “head and shoulders” above the rest is called Palmeras Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant. Riyadh, with it countless restaurants and a variety of fares, introduced its first Spanish-Saudi restaurant last April. Palmeras, situated in the heart of Riyadh on Khalid Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawiyah Al Olaya (+966 11 464 1977), specializes in delicious Mediterranean cuisine prepared by Spanish Chef Ramon Dios and his assistant, Endre Pocz.

Notably, from the front door, Palmeras has a distinctive architecture and decor that is state of the art Andalusian design accompanied by it warm ambiance.

Once seated, I was ready to eat but Palmeras' menu offers quite a few  choice entrĂ©es.  I finally decided that my pallet was set on having the Jumbo Shrimp al Josper  for the main course and fresh Spinach Salad  for my appetizer. My friend Chris decided on the Green Salad on Cheese Basket as his appetizer and chose the Charcoal Grilled Lobster as the main course.  All food selections were indeed delicious! The shrimp and lobster was fresh, succulent and grilled to perfection! You cannot go wrong with the Spanish Sangria. It was the best I have had in a long time! The portions were just right, so having desert was tempting but out of the question!

                         Palmeras serves lunch and dinner and can accommodate families on the top floor and individuals on the ground floor. 

Palmeras Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant; synonymous with a delicious variety of foods and professional staff who are attentive to your elegant fine dining experience. Give them a try….your pallet will thank you!

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