Saturday, December 20, 2014

Talia, My Canine Companion

             This past November 21st, Talia (Tally) turned 2 years old! In my past couple of posts, I blogged that pups were found by the base veterinarian. Initially, I was told that Tally was part Saluki. But another fellow blogger, Duncanerd ( dropped me a line and informed me that Talia was actually a Canaan desert dog. After viewing his blog site and seeing his dogs, without a doubt, Tally was indeed Canaan. 

The Canaan breed, originally from Israel, is the oldest dog that dates back to biblical times. The Canaan story is not that much different than the Salukis’. I located a website where you can compare one breed to another (  According to the website, Canaan shed more than Saluki.  Canaan is more tolerant of other animals, though not tolerant of strangers. Canaan is highly intelligent and has better trainability. They are boisterous and independent compared to the Saluki. Canaan is less susceptible to cancer and eye problems than the Saluki but is prone to hip dysplasia.

Tally, in the beginning was very aloof, but has grown to be guarded of strangers and aggressive towards anyone who comes near me. There are only certain people who she will let approach.  She tends to be annoying at times with the barking but she is just protecting her domain. When she is bored, which is often, she commands my attention by pushing her head into my arm so I can massage her. When I am not around and if she can get hold of something, like a pillow or rug, she will destroy it. When I arrive home, the guilt is obvious by her expression that she has gotten into something!  

Tally loves to run so she makes a good jogging companion and she loves to chase and retrieve a ball but will quickly let you know when she’s tired and you can chase the ball yourself!

She has recently made a friend and his name is Choncho! The two, when together, are totally inseparable! Tally has really turned into a great canine companion and protector and as previously posted, she has definitely been a welcome addition to my life.

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  1. Talia is beautiful and I love her name.

  2. She is beautiful
    I cant wait to meet her one day

    1. Hello Robin! Thanks....and she have a personality to match!