Monday, June 23, 2014

Kingdom Tower Sky Bridge, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

          I have had many shopping excursions and have eaten countless meals at the Four Seasons Hotel located in the Kingdom Center which is considered the most luxurious building in this region. So after two and a half years of working and living in the “Kingdom, it was time to take a trip to the Sky Bridge located inside the Kingdom Center on the 99th floor! I hear that the Sky Bridge, which is said to be symbolic of Saudi Arabia, has a spectacular view of Riyadh.

          The Sky Bridge sits 918 meter above sea level and overlooks Riyadh. To get to the Sky Bridge, you have to take two elevators. The first elevator takes approximately 50 seconds to reach the 77th floor. At that point, you transfer to a second elevator that will take you directly to the Sky Bridge in less than 40 seconds!  

          There is a sign that says that photography is not allowed, but pretty much after departing the elevator, all you see is folks taking pictures of the breathtaking panorama view of the city! The prices for this excursion that is located on Olaya Street is SAR 35 for adults and SAR 15 for children.

          Really…. not a bad price for a spot where you can shop, dine and finish up the evening at the highest point in Riyadh experiencing it’s breathtaking view!

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    1. Yes the view was absolutely spectacular! Thanks for your readership!