Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My First Golf Tournament

              This past Labor Day weekend I played in my first golf tournament. The tournament was open to those from the base, the U.S. Embassy personnel and contractors. The team was to consist of four players, so I immediately began soliciting three golfers from my office. I had four co-workers up until the final hour then one had to drop out. So our team of three would have to do.

          The night before the tournament, I made sure I had my clothes laid out and everything I needed in my golf and snack bag. I reviewed the rules for we would be playing the Florida Scramble format. This is where each player would tee off and the team would use the best tee shot. The better of the second shot is selected and all the players move their balls to that spot and play the third shot and so on until the ball is holed. So no golfer sits out from playing. We were allowed three mulligans (do-overs) per player which, we were sure, would come in handy.

            Tee time was 0700. With impatient sleep, I darted out of bed at the sound of the alarm which went off at 4:45. I got myself together and joined my colleagues for the ride to Dirab Golf Course. Once we arrived, the facilitator went over the rules then we were off to begin competing.

            I believe I played alright for my first time. I had a few balls I lost and some that I hit mostly off to the right. But the highlight of playing in the tournament was when I scored a birdie on a par three on hole 16! Also, I made second runner up (my teammate was first) on the scorecard for longest ball on hole 18!


           It was a frustrating but nonetheless a very good learning experience for me. My team scored a 71. We tied for 6th place with 2 other teams. There were ten teams in all and I was the only female golfer.  Columbus Day is the next tournament.  I plan to play. The more play, the better I can become. No LPGA career in the future, but I can dream!
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