Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Janadriyah Festival

            Today, some folks from the office and I attended the annual cultural festival know as Janadriyah. The purpose of this festival is to draw attention to the Saudi culture through art (potters, wood workers and carvers), Nabatean (ancient Arabs) poetry, men sword dances and music.



          The festival, organized by the Saudi Arabian National Guard, kicked off on April 3rd with the camel races. The festival, open for 17 days, will have an array of vendors who display and sell their merchandise such as jewelry, bake goods, art work etc. Visitors can expect to see displays that will capture Saudi Arabia’s history, culture and a snap shot of how Saudis has evolved from Bedouin times to its present day.

            Each year the festival hosts a guest of honor and this year’s choice was China.  I made my way through this pavilion where they had on display plenty of artwork, clothing designs and cultural displays.

          If you are in the Riyadh and feel like venturing out this weekend for a good time, check out the Janadriyah festival for favorable foods, learn about the Arab culture and shop for merchandise you would pay much more anywhere else. The admission is free!

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