Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talia and Dalia, Saudi Desert Pups

            In my last post, I spoke of the two Saluki mix pups that were rescued and I adopted here on the base. The veterinarian estimates their ages at 15 weeks old.Talia (Tally) and Dalia (Dally) have now been with me since January 21st, and seem to be settling in just fine. I immediately began cage training them. At first, they would have to go potty as much as 4-5 times a night, never hesitating to let me know that they had to go by whining. But the low whining turns into a loud yelping noises when I try to get a few more minutes of sleep! But, no worries...It is easier to just go ahead take them out rather than to deal with the mess from one of them having an accident!
Talia and Dalia
            After spending quite a bit of time crate training the two, teaching them how to walk on a leash and observing them, I can describe Tally and Dally’s distinct personalities. Even though they are Saluki mix, they still live up to most of the traits that was described about this particular breed.
GMarie and Dalia
            Dalia unlike Talia is still very timid. It has taken just this long for her to come to me and when she does, it is with caution. Once we connect, Dalia just wants to put her front paws in my lap while I rub her ears. Talia loves some lap time as well but would rather jump around me, and gently nip at my toes or the back of my knee caps. Talia is still the dominate puppy but also very protective of Dalia. I have to feed them separately because Talia wants to eat first and will not let Dalia dine alongside her. When I give them both a bone or a toy, Talia must have all the toys. When Dalia displays frustration for what has been taken away from her and attempts to take it back, Talia becomes aggresive. Dalia, being the smallest of the two, quickly back down and just waits her turn. I have begun to try to jog with them. Talia would rather just walk and be observant of her surroundings but Dalia loves a quick pace. Both love to dig. As fast as I cover up a hole, the next day, they have dug a new one!  I may have to invest in a sandbox! They are all set as far as receiving all their immunizations and in a couple of months, Talia and Dalia will get spayed.
Dalia, GMarie and Talia
            It is said that having a pet adds to one‘s daily quality of life.  I tend to agree. Talia and Dalia have definitely been welcomed additions to my life.

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