Thursday, January 17, 2013

Olivio’s Ristorante Italiano, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Sana Sa’eedah! (Happy New Year) and thanks for reading GMarie’s Page!

            After getting over the flu (yuke!) and enjoying the hiatus over the holidays, I settled back into my routine of work and continuing on with one of my new year’s resolutions I made before the break; to get back into physical shape. All work and exercise makes for a dull life, so one of the first stops besides Almultaka Woman's Spa was Olivio’s Italian Ristorante located on the fourth floor in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

            Olivio’s have a spacious dining room and a beautiful view of the hotel’s sparkling fountain and complimentary spruced grounds. Within several feet of the front door, there was a salad bar station that contained succulent entrées, such as the eye-catching display of tantalizing shrimp, that aroused the appetite and enticed even the most selective pallet. I was seated by one of the staff members who were friendly and attentive to ensuring that my dining experience would be top notch. The air exuded savory aromas of Italian herbs and spices.

            Even though this is my second visit to Olivio’s and no matter how appealing some of the items on the menu may have seemed, I ordered the mouth-watering seafood pizza as I did on my last visit.  

             If you are a seafood lover…you will not be disappointed!  Olivio’s….. scrumptious Italian cuisine, warm ambience and friendly staff.

All the best,

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