Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Adopted Two Saudi Desert Pups

             On January 21, 2013, I found out that the veterinarian had four pups that needed a home. So with crate in hand, I adopted and took home two female Saudi desert puppies called Salukis (Sa-LOO-key) which are the oldest dogs in existence and considered a gift from Allah. They are not full breed Salukis. They have short-haired camouflage rust coats. One pup has white stripes and the other, white spots. They were found on base along with three other pups. The mom was still around but refused to be captured. They are approximately three months old and I named them Talia and Dalia; Tally and Dally for short. Dally and Tally will be medium sized dogs, about 40-60 pounds, tall and slender and 23-28 inches high.

            Being indigenous, feral dogs of Saudi Arabia, they were orginally bred by Bedouins (desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group traditionally divided into tribes, or clans) to be watchdogs and hunters. They have a natural instinct to chase and prey. The vet told me that this breed (full breed or not) are sensitive, loyal, intelligent and, over long distances ,the fastest runners (up to 40 mph), next to the Greyhound. They are a challenge to train and when trained, it should be done in a way not to be forceful or harsh. Socializing them is key in order to encourage an outgoing attitude. They tend to be very shy, timid and don’t  bark much.  They are sociable with other dogs, but do not care for cats (unless they are dominant).

            They are still quite aloof when folks come around but  when left alone they are very active; running around and digging up the yard! In the house, they are mild mannered and quiet like cats. I have observed that Tally is outgoing, quite dominant and very protective of Dally. Dally is still very shy, but independent and occasionally break away from Tally, whose reaction is to yelp until she returns. Two fun personalities!  Each day with Dally and Tally gets better as they let their guards down and begin to settle in with me.They are doing quite well with their crate training and know “their spot” to go “do their business (potty).”

This breed loves to run and jump and require lots of exercise. I have since taken up running, so when I get them a bit more socialized and controlled on their leases, they will make great jogging companions. Well it looks like I will be returning to the U.S. with a couple of Saudi souvenirs! Check back on my page for update about these two.

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  1. Hi, Do you have any update on these dogs? From the photos as puppies think they may be the Canaan type and not Saluki. I had some in Khamis Mushayt some years ago. Are the ears now upright? Tails held up curving over the back? Canaan typedogs also have a long history in the region and I can point you to more info ant contacts in the USA if they are.

  2. HI, I think these pups are Canaan type rather than Saluki, I had some in Khamis Mushayt. If the ears are now upright and the tail curved over the back then that likely what they are. Also an ancient type in the area. I can send you more info if you like and put you in touch with Canaan eople in the USA. I rrecently brought one to Australia from Dubai.