Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Najd Village Restaurant, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

November 15, 2012

             After our group went and explored Historical Addir'iyah, everyone was thoroughly hungry and anticipated the next stop which was Najd Village, a traditional Saudi restaurant.

            The exterior of the building exhibited traditional Saudi decor. There was a water mill in the middle of the courtyard and the waiters were all dressed in Saudi attire (thobes). We were  escorted to a private room that had a fireplace and Saudi style majlis (a place of sitting) where the meal would be served by sitting on the floor.  We began the meal with guava (coffee) and dates while we surveyed the menu.

            The menu contained many entrees of traditional Saudi foods. My friend Ricardo and I decided to share and ordered chicken and lamb kabsa (a mixture of spices, long-grain rice, meat and vegetables) with shrimp kabsa as a side dish. Some of the folks ate with their hands, but I choice to stick with the Western way by using a fork. Both dishes were absolutely delicious! I thought the prices were very reasonable. The chicken kabsa was SR 20($5.33), the lamb was SR 50 ($13.33) and the shrimp dish was SR 30 ($8)! They offered such large portions, that we had a lot of food left over to take home.

            Next time, I won't let my eyes get bigger than my stomach and will try the camel, truffle dishes and the desserts; mohallabiya (pudding made with cornstarch, milk and sugar) and tahtulee (custard). Another great place to dine and experience the Saudi culture in the Kingdom.

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