Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cape Town, South Africa (John & Lynn's Place) - Day 4

August 14, 2012

            Today is Monday, so back to work for Flo and Bruce. I really enjoyed them escorting me around this great place of Cape Town. They both got up early and told me they were leaving me the key just in case I wanted to go for a walk or something. I decided that I would sleep in today, then later, go through and organize some of the photos that Flo and I had taken the last few days. We had been nonstop exploring Cape Town ever since I arrived, so this was a good time to sort things out before leaving South Africa and continuing my journey to New York. They informed me that we would be having dinner with their friends, Lynn and John, this evening. So I had all day to myself. I didn’t do too much sorting but more snoring! But that’s fine, I am on vacation.
            Early evening, we were on our way to dinner, near downtown Cape Town. We arrived to the mesmerizing smell of curry lamb simmering. Mmmmmm, I was ready to eat!  We were greeting by John first, then Lynn. I felt the warmth of the fireplace going which was suitable for the chilly evening we just left outside. Beside the fireplace and company, their home radiated warmth by all of the handmade house good displayed throughout the house. Most of the items were made by Lynn’s very her talented daughter who showed us the most beautiful quilt I have ever laid eyes on!

            From the fun company and amazingly delicious curry dish to the homemade nougat, the evening was great!

       Thank you Lynn and John for welcoming me into your home and extending your friendship to me on my visit to South Africa! I appreciate and will always remember your warm hospitality!

All the best,

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