Monday, July 2, 2012

Al Orouan Restaurant, The Ritz Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

           My friends and I wanted something different to do so we decided to visit The Ritz Carlton for lunch. We all know that the Ritz Carlton is known for its uncompromising service and renown lavish interiors, so we just knew that we were not in for nothing ordinary at this Ritz located on Mekkah Road near the Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh.  

            The drive took about 40 minutes, but as we approached the Ritz, the vision was well worth the trip. The architectural design was amazing; like a castle or palace. The exterior included extreme grandeur and modern luxury with its water fountains and 600- year old olive trees from Lebanon. When we arrived inside, there was a spacious lobby with plenty of fresh cut flowers contained in crafted vases of all sizes surrounded by Arabian architecture and design.

            We were hungry so we headed for the restaurant. The restaurant, called Al Orjouan, is an all day buffet which features Lebanese food but also had a large assortment of international foods (i.e. seafood pastas, rotisserie chicken, sautéed vegetables). All of the dishes were located on a variety of stations that were very well presented, sure to please any pallet. The service staff flaunted quality with a capital “Q”. Once I filled my plate with some of enticing dishes, we sat, chatted and devoured every morsel!

            The Ritz….absolutely fabulous where it appears no expense was spared and definitely luxury at its best!

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