Friday, May 25, 2012

Caffe Aroma, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

 May 25, 2012         

           While I was visiting the Red Sea in Jeddah, I ate lunch at a restaurant called Caffe Aroma located on Corniche Road in Jeddah. Here is a place that you can drink the finest coffee (qahwah, in Arabic) and smoke a water pipe called a hookah with flavored tobacco called shisha. The restaurant offers diverse cuisine from around the globe that will satisfy any pallet.

            For an appetizer, I ordered the Aroma sampler which includes French fries, French bread pizza, onion rings and chicken wings with a dipping sauce that was similar to hollandaise sauce. As an entrée, I ordered the fettuccine Aroma Shrimp which boasts nicely grilled, large shrimp and a sauce that would be hard, if you made it at home, to duplicate. Both sampler and entrée were delicious and plentiful for leftovers. My friend ordered Hot & Spicy Chicken Penne which includes penne with garlic, tomatoes and red hot chili topped with grilled chicken. Definitely a dish for those that can handle spicy food!

           Café Aroma…..delectable food, relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff who provides quick service. Another great find by the Red Sea in the “Kingdom”, Saudi Arabia.

All the best,


  1. I've had the "best" coffee in at least a dozen places over the decades.
    Each was best in its own way.
    The coffee (from a highly devoted coffee drinker), was quite good for each.
    The benchmark was:
    Company, conversation, food, food, conversation and food. In that order.
    Note the food and conversation. Interestingly enough, food and conversation quality are REALLY equal in both preference AND direct experience in establishments (as in BOTH go together TOTALLY, lose one, the other factor loses merit).
    I humbly suggest that mixing food and free conversation is a common factor in human relations.
    Of course, if the food is *REALLY* lousy and the drinks are *REALLY* lousy, the commonality still remains. ;)

  2. Gina-
    Glad to hear that you made it out to Jeddah--and had a great time. The next trip out there I would highly recommend to go out on a boat dive and do some snorkeling--the kids and wife are still talking today about "snorkeling in the Red Sea" A memory of a lifetime for them!


  3. Hi,
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