Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almultaka Ladies Center, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The last time I went to visit a spa was about a year ago. So I thought I was well overdue for some pampering. A friend asked me to join her for lunch on one of our days off from work. So I called for a driver to pick up my friend and I,  then off we went to Almultaka Ladies Center (+966 11 478-3388) located in the Malaz section of Riyadh.

My mouth fell open as we got out of the vehicle and approached the place! The architecture of the building was absolutely beautiful! But upon entering the door, your everyday look of a spa was not to be found. First thing, the attendant asked if we would like to remove our abayas. I quickly, without blinking, took off mine! This is a “freedom” to be abaya-less in Saudi outside of the home.  I then realized that my question was answered as to who in the world is wearing the high fashion clothing when you go to the malls in Saudi Arabia if all women were covered head to toe?! Inside this spa, the women were wearing all of the latest fashions! Secondly, I noticed….there were no men! This was a women only spa!!

My friend led me on a tour of the facilities. The place was beautiful! There was artwork on every wall, a music library, and a wall as tall as the four levels of the spa that had water cascading down it. There was also a fitness center, hair and nail salon and showrooms with clothing boutiques (i.e. Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Louis Scherrer). There was even a daycare center! We decided to sit in the open restaurant, sip coffee, feast on breakfast crepes. We spent nearly three hours just talking about each other’s cultures. The day, though simple, was very relaxing …….priceless!

On another trip to Al-Multaka, I took my friend Cherryl, on her birthday, to show her my “hidden secret”. She was just as amazed as I, my first time. We scheduled manicure and pedicure appointments. What a treat! The service was relaxation with a capital “R”. The staff was highly professional and took their time to provide the epitome of service as well as a tranquil retreat. This multipurpose center is surely a place to feed the mind, soul and body! You literally could hang out here all day!

There are two other places that I frequent and recommend. There is Mariyah Center (+966 11 464-0909) located on Olaya street. I believe they have some of the best hairstylists I have seen thus far in Riyadh. For an invigorating Moroccan scrub, there is Specialized Medical Center Hospital, Impact Center Spa (+966 11 462-2386) located at the King Fahd Rd - Mecca Rd Junction. Another nice spa located on  Takhassusi and Aruba Street is call Hot Stone (+966 11 419 6663). Go ahead. Make an appointment for some personalized attention. Relax and enjoy!

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