Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dirab Horse Stable, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

      We were off today from work in celebration of President’s Day. Since my work week is from Saturday to Wednesday, we typically use Saturdays (since that is considered my “Monday”) for the U.S. holidays. I wanted to make the best of my day off, so I decided to go to the golf course and get some horse riding lessons since I could not go golfing due to a tournament going on.  I already talked about the beautiful scenery at Dirab Golf and Country Club. There is a stable located there. The stable is surrounded by mountains and the trail is through the desert and mountains. There are five types of horses boarded there; Arabian, English, Anglo-Arab, Saddle Ponies and small ponies. I chose the Arabian horse to ride named Louis.

      A little history……the Arabian horse is associated with the history of Riyadh. The breed was developed 3500 years ago and is very much adapted to desert conditions, is intelligent, fast and loyal with a gentle disposition. It is recorded that the prophet Mohammed was instrumental in spreading the Arabian influence and the Bedouins (Arab word 'Bedou' that means "desert dweller.") are credited with the pure breeding and keeping the purity of the Arabian breed.

      My lessons began in the pen with how to mount, steering, how to gallop and slowing down the horse. Louis, who is 15 years old, was very attentive to every command. My next lesson will be on the mountainous trail. I get tingly thinking about it and look forward to the challenge.

All the best,


  1. Hey GMarie,

    Nice post, how is your horse riding classes going so far? Where is this location? I hope to find it in my GPS. Pretty excited to start taking good classes for horse back riding.

  2. Hello Adil Malik,
    It has been so hot here I had to suspend my class for a bit. The location is Dirab Golf Club in Riyadh. Thanks for reading!

  3. Do you have twitter or FB so that I can know be in touch with you to explore Riyadh

    How much did they charge you for horse ride.