Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012,

     “Happy New Year!”..... The one liner shouted by folks at the stroke of midnight; hugs and kisses and affirmations for the days ahead. 

      Most people for their New Year resolution wish for wealth and prosperity. Some say they will complete their education in order to find a better job or to save more money to get out of the rut of living from paycheck to paycheck. The popular one is to lose weight, eat better and join a gym. In these tough economic times, many just wish to have enough food to feed their families, pay the next month’s rent and have a few extra dollars to put in the gas tank. All of those NEEDS may not be achieved and maybe one or two may have to go this month. In most cases, WANTS get no consideration at all. But you do the best you can.     

      This year, my resolutions or focus is different than in the past. I wish more for others in need than for myself. I just pray to see age 50 this year and more birthdays thereafter, Inshallah (“in God's will” in Arabic).  It may be selfish, but I would like to see my daughter graduate from college, live and provide a lucrative life for herself and her girls. I also would like to see my grandkids go through their “little” aches and pains of growing up to be two fine women. I wouldn’t mind a “Mr.” in my life to share each other’s life experiences together.

      I have had many blessings in my life with minimal set-backs. I have had far more POSITIVE folks come into my life than negative. I have experienced more LOVE in my life than hate. I have received more CONSTRUCTIVE guidance than destructive criticism. I have been exposed to KNOWLEDGE which has created WISDOM to recognize ignorance and avoid negativity. I have had the PRIVILEDGE of knowing and befriending, yet losing folks dear to my heart such as Shona White, my Grandma Susie, Bob Hatchette, Julia Debose and Edwin Callwood. Their advice and personas are who I am today. Thank you!!

      My friend David (Happy Birthday, my friend!) says, "You are the most blessed person I know!"  Maybe it’s because I just treat folks the way I want to be treated. So to my love ones and friends, I wish for you ALL that you deserve and desire for this year and those to come!

All the best,

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