Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Caravan Stop Restaurant, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

January 3, 2012     

      Cherryl, the Recreations Supervisor for the Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) here at the base is responsible in part for putting together all of the recreation events like the Sports Day, Oktoberfest and the Christmas Festival. Cherryl, who reigns from Guyana, has been living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia for about 16 years! Her husband work with one of the aircraft companies and this is what brought her to the “Kingdom”.  She also raised both of her children here.  Every other week, Cheryl and I get a driver, pick a spot in Riyadh and go there. She thought this would be a good way for me to see the city.

  Today, we decided to go to the Caravan Stop Restaurant which is centrally located in Olaya which is one of Riyadh’s finest residential and commercial centers inside the Al Khozama Hotel. Al Khozama means sweet desert flower in Arabic.


      The neighborhood was very “upscale” and reminded me of one of the suburban areas in Manhattan. The restaurant had the ambience of traditional Arab culture and culinary tastes to satisfy any pallet. I ordered the “special” which was grilled lamb chops and vegetables with creamy mashed potatoes; what a treat for the taste buds! My drink selection was carrot juice combined with ginger……absolutely delicious! Like all good things, the evening came to a close. Cheryl and I hugged, parted ways and I and my driver returned to the base.  I look forward to my next outing as I continue to explore the “Kingdom”!

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