Thursday, December 1, 2011

Le Gourmet

December 1, 2011     

     My co-workers Abhah and JW (Jay) have birthdays coming up this month. Ablah’s birthday is on the 14th and Jay’s is on the 9th of December.  Ablah has an awfully big vice which is chocolate.  Jay, on the other hand, loves a good cigar. I was with a group of folks who was on an outing and we were going to visit a few a few souqs (markets) in Riyadh. The last stop on our tour through downtown Riyadh was a place called Le Gourmet. Located on Prince Sultan bin Abul Aziz Street in Riyadh Saudi Arabia,  Le Gourmet which opened in 1978, is a reputed quality French pastry business based in Saudi Arabia.

      This lovely store offers variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, caviar, smoked salmon and the best looking pastries that are too pretty to eat!  They also offer the finest Cuban cigars. Unlike the United States, it is not illegal to purchase Cuban cigars in the “Kingdom”. Al Zawwak, the owner, was born in Riyadh but calls Canada his home. After trying a few samples of chocolate, I asked Al to select the best for Ablah, box them and don it with a ribbon. He then took me into the cigar room and he helped me select some “Cubans” for Jay. He said he did not know which friend would be happier with their gift. And you know…..Al was right. They were both ecstatic!

All the best,