Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ablah’s Birthday

December 14, 2011     

     Today is Ablah’s birthday! I asked Ablah if she could visit anywhere in the United States where would she like to go. She responded, with a big smile, Disney World! She said it is probably just a dream and she would have to save up for such a trip. So since we couldn’t get Ablah to Disney any time soon, I decided to bring Disney to her. For her birthday I order her a stuffed Mickey and Minnie straight from Orlando, Florida! As you know from my recent blogs, that Ablah loves chocolate, so I shipped some Godiva chocolate in for her as well. Bvlgari is her and mine favorite scent, so we got her the newest, Jasmin Noir. You would have thought that Ablah had died and went to heaven when she opened her gift at work….she couldn’t wait to open everything at her party. She was like a kid in a candy story when she saw Mickey and Minnie holding her Godiva chocolate! This moment was priceless!

      I called a friend of mine, Ray, to drive me to Ablah’s house later for her party. I told him that this was not a request…. There were so many people at her house and everyone was very nice to me. Ablah’s Mom, made sure I was accommodated and in every picture. The food was very tasty and plentiful as well as the aqawa coffee which was excellent! I felt so welcome in her home and was the envy of office who wondered why they have never been invited!

Happy Birthday, Ablah and many, many more to come!

All the best,