Monday, November 21, 2011

A Tribute to Julia

November 21, 2011

     When I first met Julia, my first impression, which turned out to be incorrect was that....this woman has a lot of nervous laughter! At the time, I thought she may be either masking something or it was just her way to communicate. But later, after getting to know her, laughter was just Julia. I can say that I have never seen her upset or say an unkind word about anyone. Thinking of Julia  now makes me realize that I have really wasted a lot of time dwelling on displeasing matters that not only could I not possibly change but was totally out of my control (i.e. seemingly unhappy folks and workplaces). All of this should have been replaced with laughter!

      Like Julia, I loved the feline species; cats. We would talk on the phone just about our cats! Julia also decided later in life that she wanted to get her Bachelor's degree. So we were both attending college; she on the east coast and I on the west coast. She would spend hours with me on the phone helping me with my school work while completing her own. I believed with her logic, she was borderline genius! She would always say that I was the daughter that she never had even though she only had a few years on me. 

      I spoke to Julia a couple of weeks before I departed for Saudi Arabia. She said "I know that your Dad have the story wrong as usual because he said you are leaving for Iraq, so tell me where are you really going!". I told her that she was correct and that I was going to Saudi Arabia to work...a more peaceful place. She said, as she always said to me..."You will be just fine! You are the daughter I never had...You'll do just fine"!

      Julia passed away on Friday, November 18, 2011. We all get busy in our lives. Just as easy as you make those appointments in your Outlook or your Blackberry to remind you of meetings, make it an important part of your life to reach out to those you love more regularly. It is imminent and evident that tomorrow is not promised. I LOVE YOU JULIA and will miss you dearly!!

All the best,