Sunday, November 27, 2011

It Rained in Riyahd!

November 27, 2011     

     As I was departing the villa to go to work, I opened the front door and it was raining! The average rainfall here is about 4 inches, annually, usually occurring between November and May. The rain can be heavy and lead to flash floods as the water tries to run off the dry ground. Hail has also been present during winter storms!  The last couple of weeks, it has been chilly. The average weather temperatures in the winter periods are 47-68F degrees. During the summer months, the temperature range from 81-109F degrees! Riyadh also has many dust storms throughout the year. Sometimes it gets so thick that the visibility is just like the fog in Florida!

      So, the misconception that the desert is only hot and dry with relentless heat is not all true. If you visit here, bring a jacket and umbrella for the winter months and a high tolerance for the heat in the summer months.

All the best,