Friday, September 2, 2011

Ready, Set, ....Go Get My Ticket to Riyadh!

September 2, 2011
I received my government orders from the U.S. Army, a couple of weeks ago. With those in hand, I can now go to any military base and get a ticket issued to fly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
This organization, in which I will be working, was established in 1973 through an agreement signed by the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz  Al-Saud and the U.S, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Army provides technical and contract support to SANG through training, equipment, procurement, construction, maintenance, supply administration and medical programs. My position will be a Supply Systems Analyst which will be in support of this effort.
Today, I went to the Transportation Management Office (TMO) which is located at the Air Force base in Tampa, Florida. The clerk issued a ticket to me for a commercial flight which departs on the morning of Sunday, September 25 from Orlando, Florida. This flight connects in New York and then flies into Istanbul Turkey. There were several other options for flight lay-overs such as London, England and Paris, France (which I would like to have stayed) but the cost exceeded the allotted amount for a government flight to Riyadh.
My layover in Istanbul will be about nine hours. My flight is due to arrive in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on Monday night, September 26, 2011. The only other important items that are pending is my Diplomatic Visa and Passport with should be forthcoming in a couple of weeks. The excitement is definitely building!
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