Friday, September 9, 2011

My Abayas and Hijabs have Arrived!

          My abayas and hijabs have finally arrived today!

          I ordered them online from a place called which sells an assortment of items worn by Muslim women such as the abayas (long black, long-sleeved robe), hijabs (a traditional scarf to cover the hair and neck and sometimes the face) and jilbab (a long robe covering the head).

          The anticipation got the best of me, so I ripped into the package to look at the contexts which arrived all the way from New Delhi India! Both abayas were in dire need of alterations because the lengths was entirely too long on one and on the other, rather than the company cancelling the order, an abaya size 3X was shipped!  Some major adjustments would have to be made to size 12. Everything will be ready for my trip by Monday.

          In the meantime, I practice donning the hijab which this particular one have two pieces; one that covers my forehead and skull and the other which goes over the first piece that cover my neck and shoulders. I can't wait to try on the entire ensemble when all alterations have been completed.

All the best,

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