Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Shots.....Ouch!

September 6, 2011

          Today, I returned to the Air Force base in Tampa to receive my Anthrax shot, which is second in a series of five! This is my last immunization before leaving the States for Riyadh. I can complete this series of immunizations as well as my last in a series of two for the Hepatitis A shot when I get to Saudi Arabia.

          Since beginning this journey (June 16) of mine and upon notification that I was accepted for my new position, I have received nine immunizations! Most are required for entering Riyadh (The Kingdom) and for Emergency Essential civilians who are living in Saudi Arabia.

          The shots I have taken includes Hepatitis A, Tetanus Diphtheria (TD), Meningitis, Typhoid, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Anthrax (2 each) and Small Pox. The TD, with the soreness, fever and lethargy and Small Pox, with so many ugly stages, were the worst to endure. Even though I have had this many immunizations in such a short period of time, my hands still sweat and I am nervous at the thought and sight of seeing a needle! So for the ninth time, ....I grin and bear it and will use a heating pad later to comfort my sore arm!

All the best,
G. Marie

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