Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last Night in Florida....Bittersweet

          The night before I depart for Saudi, I am reflecting on the last week; the hustle and bustle of wrapping up the last details of my trip, such as finalizing my will, shipping myself some items I am so sure I won't be able to get in Saudi and making and receiving those last minute phone calls and emails from and to Monet, Danny, Sue, Glen (you got me today...good!) , Robin, Kenneth, Ms. Lillie, Yvette, Lynn, Kirby, Laverne, Dad, and Tookie.

          Bruce and Florence,...I appreciate you and it was a pleasure meeting you! You set my mind at ease with the information you provided. I look forward to visiting you in South Africa. Thanks Robin for the connection!!

          Spiritually, I feel "complete" with all of the well wishes and of course, the promises to keep in touch. Thanks to you all for making my departure....well, easier.

All the best,

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