Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alterations Completed and Time for the Fitting

          The seamstress called me to let me know that the alterations have been completed on my abayas and now it is time for the fitting.  I returned to the alteration shop this afternoon. The two women, whom I  previously gave a synopsis on the Muslim culture, my reason for being in Saudi and wearing of the abaya eagerly awaited my arrival to see is their alterations were successful. I tried on both abayas and the length as well as the width of the one sent in size 3X were excellent.  
          I couldn’t wait to get home to try on the abayas with the hijab. My,……I actually think I look thinner in it!  Yes, the two seamstresses from Jamaica did an amazing job! I am just about ready for my trip.

All the best,
G. Marie

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